Mobile App Development Tools

Mobile app development has never been a simple task for both the Android and iPhone app developers. The biggest dilemmas faced by these app developers include dealing with complex programs like Java in the case of the Android OS and Objective-C in case of iPhone. These programs are definitely helpful but it might take the most seasoned mobile application developers of both kinds to deal with them. This article would be dealing with some of the tools which help both the developers with creating an app in a jiffy through the following lines. Here they are

5 Mobile App Development Tools

  • AppGyver

AppGyver can be considered as one of the most versatile tools which help mobile developers to come up with innovative apps. For the benefit of the developers, it has a PhoneGap extension of its own called the Steroids. The AppGyver is also incorporated with a tool called the ‘Prototyper’ which helps in combining some pages to come up with a nice prototype.

  • Appscend

If you want your mobile application development based on the cloud technology, then there are no other options other than Appscend. Appscend specializes in cloud-based development of content-centric apps. It mainly uses XML markup language or PHP for app development process. Appscend uses a template based design system and CMS based on the cloud to deal with the content. After the app is done with, you would be able to add adverts or test the buttons if you like to. After you are done with tweaking your apps you will be able to upload it directly to the App Store or the Google Play website.

  • Icenium Mist

Icenium Mist is one of the best browser-based tools which helps in the creation of both Android and iPhone apps. You would be able to build and test your apps in the browser. You would also be able to ship your apps with the latest Apache Cordova Library. It is the perfect app which helps with the packaging of the HTML 5 program you write. The wrapping is being done with the Cordova Library. It is the combination of the tool and library which helps you coming up with a fully working app for both the iPhone and the Android user.

  • Tabris

Java programming has always been the prerogative for the application developers of the Android and the Blackberry apps. In the situation of the iPhone app developer, they are always stuck with the Objective-C. But the tool like Tabris has changed this stereotype. Tabris helps creation of native apps for the iPhone based on Java. The developers take the help of the Java code running on the server. The tools with the help of the JSON packages are able to send it to the iPhone and the Android. With the help of the native widgets, the smart phones are able to display the JSON code. Tabris is a perfect tool for the developers who need to deliver a mobile phone app through a heavy JAVA application.

  • Corona SDK

Corona SDK can be considered as the perfect cross-platform tool which has the usual features of a cross-platform plus a physics engine. This is the ideal tool for the mobile game designers who would able to simulate objects in the real world and real-time as well.

With the help of the cloud storage the company provides, you would be able to store information on your game. And everything can be controlled through the app code. If you are a mobile game developer then Corona SDK would help you to create leader boards, track achievements as well as help in integration with the social networks. And everything you will get about mobile gaming with the help of the Corona Cloud.

These tools would help you in becoming a professional mobile application developer in no time. So have a thorough hands-on experience with the tools and have the best time for creating your own app.