Mobile App Development News

If you have been following the mobile app development news then surely have an opinion on the question what is better – mobile site or an app. We are going to present you the advantages today of having a mobile site and the advantages of having an app, so that you can decide which one better can meet your needs.

Mobile App Development News – Mobile Site or App

Every business that doesn’t have any sort of mobile presence right now is under a lot of pressure to find a way into the world of mobile marketing. It is because smartphones have changed the name of the game. More than 60% of the US population uses smartphones and a great number of them use them to make purchases.

So, you should get a move on and establish a presence online. The only hurdle in your way now is the choice between a mobile app and a mobile website. The following information can help you make up your mind and find the platform that will be the most beneficial for your business.

Advantages of having an App

  • An internet connection is not necessary to access the app. It is available offline, although some features require an internet connection.
  • An app needs to be designed and developed for a specific platform it will run on, iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry.
  • If you want your mobile app developer to develop an app that is compatible on all platforms, it will cost a lot more time and money.
  • An app can provide you with many different opportunities to market your business.
  • Integrations of using the camera, GPS and other functions of the smart phone with the app can provide a more entertaining and complete experience to users.
  • A custom app can provide you with all the features that will relevant to your business and useful for your customers.
  • Inclusion of social media buttons can allow users to share the marketing material you provide.

Advantages of having a Website

  • A mobile website is only available when the mobile has access to the internet.
  • It is difficult for users to retain the information about the website because it is not always present on their phone’s screen.
  • Development of a decent website is much cheaper than app development.
  • One site is compatible with all the platforms; there is no need for different versions.
  • A mobile site can be accessed anywhere in the world instantly, no installation or wait.
  • There are some expenses in maintaining and hosting a mobile site.

By taking in all the information above, it can be deduced that while apps are a bit more expensive, they are by far the better investment. You have to overlook the initial costs and look to the potential marketing opportunities an app provides. If you decide that an app is better for your personal or business needs, then it is for the best to hire a mobile app development company. That is how you will reassure that everything is going to be just perfect with the mobile app development process and also your result will be guaranteed. It is easier to have someone who has experience in this field because of the competition. Start looking for a mobile app development companies and select the best one!