3 Mobile Development Lessons to Take from LinkedIn New App Design

LinkedIn is one of the best social networks where you can professionally connect with people from all around the world. Many work opportunities and so many new things you can learn just from reading the articles posting every day. If you don’t have an account by now, maybe it is time to actually create one.

LinkedIn & Mobile App Development

How LinkedIn can affect mobile app development actually? Apart from learning all kinds of information that are in trend related to mobile development, you can communicate from professional mobile app developers from all around the world. You’ll never know when the communication will transform to something bigger, let’s say job opportunity.

Analyze this social network and see what opportunities it can offer for your needs and standards. Don’t forget to go through the articles, posted by experts from various industries who give their opinion in certain subjects.

That is not all that connect LinkedIn to mobile app development. Apparently with the new app design there are some important lessons that has to be learned. And this is extremely important for the mobile app developers to know.

LinkedIn and its New App Design – What Can You Learn From it?

  1. Getting Customers on Board – One of the greatest lessons of all time. Getting customers on board means increased downloads and bigger outcome for you. What LinkedIn has done about this step in particular is that it enables first-time customers to select particular fields of interest they desire to see in their feed. This has attracted the attention of so many customers by now, and the results we can say that are more than perfect.
  2. Remember, it is Always Personal – What does this mean exactly? This mean two things for mobile app developers: the process has to be always personalized and the onboarding process has to be excellent. What LinkedIn teaches you is that you must always consider what the customer need and what the customer want.
  3. Everything transforms so Fast – Developing an app requires certain skills and knowledge. But it requires technique and speed too. You need to always follow the newest market trends if you want to offer your customers a product that is suitable for the market. The new version of LinkedIn’s app involves changes that are meant to enable customers to easily upgrade the content of their profile or feed. This is a tip that you can also use when you are going to develop your app.

LinkedIn can teach you a lot of things. There are always more to learn. If you are passionate enough to become a great developer, mastering these skills can make you a step closer to the professionalism you want to achieve. Be dedicated towards the process of learning and you will be able to provide expert development services to people and businesses from all around the world.

Become Professional Mobile App Developer

If you are in the mobile app development environment, struggling to achieve your success, you need to do something that no one has ever done before. That is just crucial for you to do if you want to succeed and become a professional mobile app developer that everyone want to be. Stand out from the crowd. Maybe it is not simple, but it definitely worth it. Follow LinkedIn and its newest information and take an example of its newest app design. It will help you get an idea that you can develop into a perfect app!